Portable extension cord

How to make a cheap Portable Extension Cord at homeHello friends,

If you also searching for a cheap, diy portable extension cord, then you are at right place. Here i will show you how you can make your own..

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For my negligency I short circuited my old extension cord just few days ago and so i was having problem for charging all apliances at the same time. So, I thought to reuse the old parts and make it portable and handy, because without a need, you cant build up anything.
So, in today's instructable I will show you how I converted my old DIY extension board into a portable one without any cost.
Step 1: Design

Here you can see the design of the product which makes everything simpler to understand so. I have attached the 3d model of the product, please download it, its a google sketch up file. If you have the software then good, if not, then download it from here. Also to download the whole instructable go here. Step 2:  Materials

1. Three pin wall socket …

How to make a push button switch

A DIY Push Button:Hello friends,
Here is a very fun project, actually I needed a push button for one of my projects but the market store was closed that day. So I thought to make one of my own. Many times we want to make something of our own which could be used to anywhere else.

This is very simple push button, you can can use this button to any of your projects where a touch button is needed, like a horn or a electric screw driver, etc.
Watch the video:
Here is all the parts that you will be required,1. Plier 2. Pen knife 3. Copper strips 4. Copper wire 5. Superglue 6. Empty pen refill 7. Pen cap 8. Some wires 9. Soldering iron 10. Sketch pen I added a video on how i made the inner mechanism, check it out. A sectional view is shown with a diagram on how all the parts are connected so, it will get easy to understand clearly that whats the inside mechanism will be. Don't worry about any confusion, all the schematic and making process as a document you will find here.

The Cube Speaker

Hello Friends,
This is a mono bluetooth speaker, which i designed my own and which is similar to a Bose Speaker.
So its a cube model like a dice. On its right side there are "power" button, "play" and "pause" button. 
On the left side, there are "volume+/-" button
All the electronics and battery is fitted inside.

For the document part and the SketchUp model go here.

How to make a simple & cheap Electric Screwdriver

Hello friends,
We need the things which makes our living easier, simple and less time consuming. That is why I am gonna show you how to make a very simple Electric Screwdriver with some easily available materials so that you don't waste time while making your projects.


It's a pretty simple design with a PVC pipe which is like a gun so that it gets easy to hold on and grip. Also, the connection is really simple. It works in some steps:1. Making the Frame
2. Set Up & Installing the Motor
3. Set Up the Touch Switch
4. Installing the DPDT Switch
5. The Bottom Cover
6. Install the Battery
7. Make the Front Head
8. Fabrication For the full document part, click here. Connections :Firstly make the DPDT switch connection, because it works both way. Make cross connection joints of the end terminals by soldering wires. Then attach the motor wires '+' and '-' in end terminals and battery wires '+' and '-' in the middle terminals of the switch through a push…

About the Taj mahal

The 'Taj Mahal' is the most beautiful and brightest symmetrical structure made by the Ivory white marbles. It's located on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra,India. This epic structure was established by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his most lovable wife Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess. The design of the Mahal was taken from the Persian tradition and Mughal architecture. The Taj Mahal attracts millions of visitors a year. Also the shiny marbles of the Mahal gets glowing in the light of Full Moon. The total area is more than 20 hectors and the Mahal was constructed in a period of over 22 years with a number of around 20 thousand workers. The constructing materials were carried by elephants over miles of distances. The complex is set up around 300 metre square called as Charbagh or Mughal garden inspired from persian gardening. At the end of the complex there are two buildings that mirror each other. One building is a Mosque and the other one is t…

Adwords vs Adsense

Hello friends,
I have heard many times about being confused between Adwords and Adsense. So, what are these two terms and what is the main role of them.
As you know Google is everywhere, from early days Google is raising the internet, as you can say Google is a role model running the internet. Here let you know that Adwords and Adsense both the platforms are devoloped by Google, means Google owns them.

Adwords : Adwords are called the "advertisers" and Adsense is the "publishers". I think you got the idea about what they should be, let me explain you briefly.
So, what is Adwords or what happens here, these are basically the domains who wants to sell their products. Such as Ebay, Amazon, Puma, Alibaba, etc. what does they do? These domains gives their advertises and places bids like an auction. By these their product got sell and they got increasing number of customers.
Adsense : On the other hand, what is Adsense and how it works. So, these are the publishers as I s…