How to make a push button switch

A DIY Push Button:

Hello friends,
Here is a very fun project, actually I needed a push button for one of my projects but the market store was closed that day. So I thought to make one of my own. Many times we want to make something of our own which could be used to anywhere else.

This is very simple push button, you can can use this button to any of your projects where a touch button is needed, like a horn or a electric screw driver, etc.

Watch the video: 

Here is all the parts that you will be required,

1. Plier
2. Pen knife
3. Copper strips
4. Copper wire
5. Superglue
6. Empty pen refill
7. Pen cap
8. Some wires
9. Soldering iron
10. Sketch pen

I added a video on how i made the inner mechanism, check it out.

A sectional view is shown with a diagram on how all the parts are connected so, it will get easy to understand clearly that whats the inside mechanism will be.

Don't worry about any confusion, all the schematic and making process as a document you will find here.


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