How to make a simple & cheap Electric Screwdriver

Hello friends,

DIY Electric Screwdriver

We need the things which makes our living easier, simple and less time consuming.
That is why I am gonna show you how to make a very simple Electric Screwdriver with some easily available materials so that you don't waste time while making your projects.


Design & Connection
It's a pretty simple design with a PVC pipe which is like a gun so that it gets easy to hold on and grip.
Also, the connection is really simple.

It works in some steps:

1. Making the Frame
2. Set Up & Installing the Motor
3. Set Up the Touch Switch
4. Installing the DPDT Switch
5. The Bottom Cover
6. Install the Battery
7. Make the Front Head
8. Fabrication

For the full document part, click here.

Connections :

Firstly make the DPDT switch connection, because it works both way. Make cross connection joints of the end terminals by soldering wires. Then attach the motor wires '+' and '-' in end terminals and battery wires '+' and '-' in the middle terminals of the switch through a push button, like shown in the picture.
So its a very beautiful and easy project guys. I made this because I needed one and don't have bucks to expense. You can also make one your own, just trust yourself. Remember need is the key.
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Also for any kind of problem or question please comment below.
Thank you.


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