Portable extension cord

How to make a cheap Portable Extension Cord at home

Hello friends,

If you also searching for a cheap, diy portable extension cord, then you are at right place. Here i will show you how you can make your own..

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For my negligency I short circuited my old extension cord just few days ago and so i was having problem for charging all apliances at the same time. So, I thought to reuse the old parts and make it portable and handy, because without a need, you cant build up anything.

So, in today's instructable I will show you how I converted my old DIY extension board into a portable one without any cost.

Step 1: Design


Here you can see the design of the product which makes everything simpler to understand so.
I have attached the 3d model of the product, please download it, its a google sketch up file. If you have the software then good, if not, then download it from here.
Also to download the whole instructable go here.

Step 2:  Materials

Materials I Used

1. Three pin wall socket (female)
2. Extended wire
3. Wall socket (male)
4. M6 X 40 MM Pan Machine Bolt Screw And Nuts
5. a Fuse
6. a Switch
7. Some wires
10. Box or Enclosure

Step 3: Cut the box 


Now we have all the spaces cut and ready for mounting the components.

Step 4: Install parts


So, simply put all the sockets in each space & screw them up. Take the Switch and the Fuse and install it in the space provided. Then insert the mains extended wire through the wire hole and screw up the back covers.

Step 5: The Connections


The connection is pretty simple guys, just see the diagram you will understand it whole......


'Ground' wire to ------------ 'Ground' pins.
'Neutral' wire to --------------'Neutral' pins.
'Line' wire to ------------ 'Fuse', to ------------ 'Switch', to ------------ 'Line' pins.
Use black insulated tape and cover all the wires coming out and tape all the wires at one place. Don't make wrong connections or it will get short circuited.

Step 6: The Enclosure


So, let's make out the lower box part which will act free and you can open the box at any time by removing the lower part only and you can easily repair it whenever needed.

The finished Product

So, cover it up and do some color or spray paint if you want. So, pretty simple design guys and portable too.
Hope you have enjoyed and learnt something. For any doubt or any kind of question please comment below.
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Thank you.


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