Adwords vs Adsense

Hello friends,
I have heard many times about being confused between Adwords and Adsense. So, what are these two terms and what is the main role of them.
As you know Google is everywhere, from early days Google is raising the internet, as you can say Google is a role model running the internet. Here let you know that Adwords and Adsense both the platforms are devoloped by Google, means Google owns them.

Adwords :

Adwords are called the "advertisers" and Adsense is the "publishers". I think you got the idea about what they should be, let me explain you briefly.
So, what is Adwords or what happens here, these are basically the domains who wants to sell their products. Such as Ebay, Amazon, Puma, Alibaba, etc. what does they do? These domains gives their advertises and places bids like an auction. By these their product got sell and they got increasing number of customers.

Adsense :

On the other hand, what is Adsense and how it works. So, these are the publishers as I said which could be anyone who is publishing the advertises given by the Domains. It can be you or anyone running a youtube channel, or blog, or any website, etc.

What happens here, the domains gives the advertises to Adwords and pays the fee whatever it is 1$ or 2$ depending upon what type of advertisement it is, Google takes the fee and give the advertisements to the publishers so that they promote the products.

Google takes money from the Advertisers when someone clicks on the adds, not only for viewing the adds and gives a percentage of money to the publishers for clicking on the adds published on the websites or anywhere. In both the cases Google gets the money.

For example, Let's say Adidas is the Domain and they pay Google(adword) 5$ to promote their shoes everytime someone clicks on their advertises, now what happens, if you have a travel website and you are promoting good shoes then you active adsense and Google will give you the advertises on your website for promotion and when your visitors clicks on the adds you will get paid, but a percent of the amount.
How it is exactly, when someone clicks, Advertisers get  paid 68% and Google gets the remaining 32%. And from the 32% the publishers get a percentage if amount.

So, I hope you are little bit clear with the topic, for any question please ask freely or comment below.
Thank you.


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